Saturday, November 13, 2010


And here are the pictures I promised you of Chrome after his bath. The afterbath or aftermath whichever you prefer. :)

He wanted to roll in the dirt and get all muddy so bad.

Of course after all my hard work I wouldn't let him.

Isn't he so perdy?!

I love this picture.

Pawing in the dirt. Look how dirty he got his rear legs. :)

Grabbing his rope.

Playing tug of war with his rope in his mouth. Silly colt.

Galloping alongside me as we run out to the lease land to play.

This picture is probably the closest I'll ever get to
having my black horse I always wanted lol.
He is so gorgeous!

Playing with his halter.

So fun to swing in circles.

I like how his mane is on the wrong side. It makes him look all wild. :)

Then he ran off bucking. :)

Found a piece of old destroyed tarp to play with.


He is sooooo downhill! I think he's going through another major growth spurt.

In this picture he was chasing Zep with the tarp hehe.

Actually leaving his toy to come see me.

Back to playing with the halter again. He's like a toddler lol.

More galloping and bucking.

Looking for Zep who he just chased into the trees.

If you look closely in the upper right hand corner you can see a gray donkey blob.

Pretty pony.

His brown is coming back as he dries off.

More crazy galloping and playing.

Sure wish my neighbor's house wasn't in the background.

Cute tongue!

Rubbing his leg.

Walking down the hill to see me. I was not zoomed in and yes he stopped in time lol.

More halter play.

The boy never runs out of energy.

And Zep finally shows his cute face.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of me and Chrome during a pre-Christmas photo shoot just to show you I don't always dress like a barn bum hehe.


  1. Pretty boy - and Zep's a cutie too!

  2. How cute! He has the same silly fun as Enzo. Enzo loves to put everything in his mouth and play with it. Have you ever tried Chrome with a horsey ball? Enzo has a small one and a super, super large one and he loves them. With the large one he even throws himself on it and it's sooo funny! Have fun with the holiday pics and I cannot wait to see them!

  3. You got some really great photos. He looks so sleek! My horses are all shaggy balls of fur.

  4. Fun pictures. You crack me up each time you say you wish your neighbor's house wasn't in the background. If I try to to an afternoon photo shoot, I've always got my neighbors' house and junk yard of cars in the background. I can't get away from it unless I lay on the ground and shoot up or get up on a ladder and shoot down. If I take morning shots my own house and junk yard end up in the background. The pasture is a better place for photos than my paddock, but the horses always have their heads down eating.

  5. wonderful photos!!

    And such a handsome boy! :)



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