Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jackal's Playtime & NaNo

We've been alternating which dogs we take out onto the lease land in the evenings. I really need to be walking them all everyday, but this is better than nothing. I'll put pictures up of each dog's turn. First we have Jackal's. We got a late start so it was dark and the pictures aren't fantastic, but I picked out the best ones for you.

Jackal was having a blast running around. He was going to the furthest reaches of the lease land, completely ignoring me (I wasn't calling him, but I was talking to him). Of course me talking brought out Chrome who had been dozing up by the barn. As soon as he saw Jackal he took chase. I wasn't close enough to do anything except scream at him. Jackal ran, but kept looking back and wasn't coming toward me. Chrome finally caught him and sent him rolling across the ground. Jackal must have finally noticed my screaming because he ran back to me.

It happened about two more times (not the rolling part thank goodness) before I was able to get close enough to smack Chrome with Jackal's leash. Jackal finally decided the only safe place was right next to me. Since he was staying close I decided to try some of Honey's games that she wrote about in this post. So when Jackal would walk ahead of me I would turn and walk off in another direction. It didn't take him long to start paying close attention to me.

I felt bad that Chrome ruined his fun playtime, but I do also think it was kind of a valuable lesson for him to learn. I think because Jackal's pen is right next to Chrome's pasture that he sort of thought they were friends, so he learned that Chrome is not his friend and is big and dangerous and he also learned to pay attention to me and stay close without running off. He's a stubborn hound dog though so there's no telling how many times he will have to learn this lol.

And now for a short NaNo update. I made it to 30,258 words last night. I was really stuck on a certain part because there wasn't a whole lot going on. I finally decided to just skip a few months time and move on to the next big plot point. That helped me out a lot. I was on a roll last night and wrote about 5141 words. I probably could have kept going, but I had to get some sleep. Anyway I hope everyone else is having as much fun on their NaNos!

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  1. How interesting - I never thought horses would even notice dogs playing around them (unless they're being harassed by them) - never mind actually chase & bully them! Still, as you say, it was useful in teaching Jackal a lesson.

    Hey - I'm glad you tried out those Recall games and they worked! Have you tried the Hide & Seek one yet? That one works really well on a cocky dog! :-)

    Gulp! Your NaNo progress is making me feel terrible! I've been having a really bad time and keep getting stuck - I was happy yesterday coz I managed to get to 3,500 words!!!! :-( At this rate, I doubt if I'm going to make it - I've just got too much going on right now with work deadlines and preparing for our move and our last dance performance and selling our house back NZ and various other projects - aaaaarrrrggghhh! Anyway, I suppose this is still more than I would have ever done on this novel so whatever I end up with, it's still worth it!



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