Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Feeling down . . .

I found Denali's blog a few days ago and I've been reading it during all of my spare time. It completely breaks my heart what they're going through. Her mom has had to make the hardest of decisions and it kills me to think what she must be going through. I dread Friday almost as much as she does (well no one can dread it even close to what she must). I have'nt been able to get gorgeous Denali and her brave mom out of my head these past few days. If anyone who reads my blog has been through this and can offer some words of support I know it would be appreciated.

Apart from that I haven't been up to much. Things at work have improved and the past two days have been great. I think last week was just awful because I seriously needed a day off. Thankfully they're closed tomorrow so I get to be home for Thanksgiving. I'm horribly sad and disappointed that I won't be with my family though. At least I have my furkids and husband. I figure we'll probably spend the day watching movies together.

Everyone has until midnight to vote on the poll. As it stands right now it looks like I'll be teaching Jackal to crawl next. I probably won't teach that to Storm, since she's nine now. I don't think crawling would be very easy for her.

Chrome is getting snottier. I don't know if it's hormones kicking in, the weather getting cooler or just because I haven't done anything with him. He still respects me, but he isn't as cuddly as he normally is. I'm still worried about his gait. I still can't really define what it is that's bothering me, but I'm pretty sure it's his rear legs and it's more obvious going downhill. I still think it could be his club foot, but I'm also wondering if it could be his back. I'm going to get my trimmer's opinion. If he sees something too I'll have a vet look at him.

There's no heat, swelling, bumps, cuts, etc on any of his legs. He still picks them all up just fine. He still gallops, bucks, rears and plays every single day. There's no heat in his hooves. His thrush may be coming back because I stopped doing the salt water, so I guess that could be causing pain in his hooves. And who knows maybe he just has a short stride going downhill naturally. It could very well be laziness. His trot is gorgeous. Very active and forward. When he's walking sometimes he'll drag his toe (my mare used to do that and she is definitely lazy).

Aside from that everyone is doing okay. My husband's back is still out. He's improving but it's sooooo slow! At this rate I doubt it will be before January for him to go back to work.

So I guess that's pretty much all that's going on. I'm just taking it day by day. Maybe I need to take up meditation lol. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!!


  1. It sounds like there is a lot on your mind right now. Try to enjoy the holiday. I think Chrome is just maybe being a teenager. They can be so moody.

    Poor Denali and his family. How awful for them.

    Mango Momma

  2. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    Denali's story is very sad - many of us have been there offering her mom support. I've been there on a couple of occasions and know how hard it is.

    I wouldn't worry too much about Chrome at this point - growing pains, perhaps?

  3. Just an FIY when you have money. But gelding Enzo made him much better! Otherwise he was a snot also, LOL. Try to still have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Janine and Enzo

  4. Oh my! You are having a time of it. I hope things turn around for you two soon.


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