Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random Picture of 2010

A lot of these picture have poor lighting or are blurry because they were taken randomly on the spur of the moment and were not planned or set up. Couldn't think of what to post today so decided to go with randomness. :) Enjoy!

Agile goat kids!

My gorgeous Azalea.

My husband said he was sound asleep before he grabbed the camera.

My mom and dad's Yorkie Mac, absolute loves the four wheeler.

Mac again carrying around a feed pan.

Chrome sniffing my boot while I was on the fence.

A squirrel trying to cool off in the shade.

Making friends.

Looks like he's meditating lol!

A true sign that winter is on the way.

Storm likes to sleep under the chaise lounge.

A bunch of buzzards in a tree in my yard.

Kind of creepy . . .

Local guinea fowl taking a walk down the road.

Hope you enjoyed the randomness. :D


  1. What a great selection of photos! I love 'em all. Do you always have buzzards nearby? Interesting. I can't imagine having so many in my neighborhood. I have lots of ravens though.

    What whorl pattern does Chrome have on his forehead? I've been doing a lot of reading about whorls and personality. He is so playful I was curious if it had anything to do with his whorls.

  2. Those are GREAT photos! We enjoyed them very much - especially the geese! We have a lot of "fly overs" going on right now!
    Dave loves the one of you and Jackal all snuggled up!
    Tail wags,

  3. Awesome photos! I love the one of Jackal 'meditating' and the one of Chrome right after that :)


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