Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Legendary Horse Personality Quiz & NaNo

NuzMuz, one of the blogs I follow, told me about this really cool horse personality quiz. It's called What Legend is Your Horse? I answered all of the questions and it said Chrome is Lord Byron.

Here are his results:

Chrome is Lord Byron, the legendary romantic poet.

Chrome is a sensory creature, a bundle of emotion,
like the curious poet and adventurer.
Dramatics may be part of the package,
but so are charm, bravery, and wit.

So anyway check out the quiz to see the legend behind your horse's personality. :)

NaNo update: I hit 25,000 words last night! So I'm already halfway there. I'm so pleased with how well it's going compared to last year. If you haven't been keeping up or are new to the blog I basically forgot about NaNo last year and didn't start writing until mid-month (it was actually the seventeenth - I think I wrote the fourteenth in a post or comments somewhere so sorry if there was any confusion) so I ended up writing 50,000 words in fourteen days. It was crazy and stressful doing it that way. I'm definitely enjoying it more this year. :)


  1. I did that Quiz with my horses. It was hardest with Yalla! because I don't ride her yet just like Chrome, I imagine. From what you say about him, he sounds just like Lord Byron. very cool.

  2. I do think it is funny that I mentioned that Chrome and Bombay are so much alike, and then they got the same results on their personality tests.


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