Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time To Crawl!

The winner in the poll is crawl! This is one I tried to teach Storm when she was younger, but before I knew anything about clicker training so I was unsuccessful. My timing was probably all wrong. Hopefully I've improved to the point where I can teach it to Jackal. I'm not going to teach it to Storm because she's nine now and I don't want to stress her joints or anything. She already prefers not to lay on hard floors and she never liked roll over even as a young dog.

My question now is how to get the handy dandy little foot warmer off the couch so we can start training . . . oh yeah, food! ;D

He's so cute. He never even woke up the entire time my husband took these pictures. :) Love my puppy. I will keep you updated on our progress and I will try to record more video footage this time so you can see the progression. :)


  1. Good luck! Jackal looks like a very efficient foot warmer :)

  2. Yay! Good luck and remember to update us. Cute pictures too!


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