Monday, November 22, 2010

A Tag

Brooke at Seagull Beach did this cool like, hate and love tag. She said anyone who reads her answers can do it, so I decided to. :)

I like reading. It's very relaxing and I love "meeting" new characters and going on adventures with them.
I like writing. It can be such a great creative and emotional outlet.
I like music. It has so many uses. It can relax, calm, motivate, inspire, etc.
I like being happy, when I can just forget stress and worry. Just live in the moment and be happy. I wish I could find that place more often.
I like being around people, especially family and friends, but even acquaintances are great (the nice ones anyway!).
I like playing the piano although I wish I were better at it, or at least dedicated and patient enough to get better at it.
I like photography. It is such a rush to be able to catch a beautiful moment on film (or digital hehe).
I hate being sick or feeling bad or tired or stressed.
I hate headaches! AHHHH!
I hate being cold! It makes me numb and lazy and makes me really want to hibernate. This especially applies to cold, winter weather or really any dark, rainy, dreary, gloomy weather. Especially since pressure changes cause the headaches.
I hate having to be careful what I eat. It's such a pain that sometimes I just don't eat which makes me feel just as awful. I feel like I can't win!
I hate the way people act when they find out I was homeschooled. It doesn't make me a freak people!
I hate when people are rude or stupid. Sometimes I wish I could avoid driving altogether.
I hate
messing up! I absolutely despise making mistakes (especially at work). I take every mistake as a personal failure. I guess the good side to it is I rarely make the same mistake twice lol.
I hate feeling awkward and out of place, or left out. Especially when I haven't seen a group of friends in a long time and I get ignored because they are used to it just being them. It sucks to move away from your friends. This is also why I don't go to parties where people drink because people consuming alcohol gravitate toward one another and the people who aren't drinking (me) get ignored. Very aggravating!
I love my family, husband, friends, pets, etc. All the special people and animals in my life. Life would not be worth living without them.

And I tag: Anyone who reads my answers and wants to play along. Thanks Brooke!

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