Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Stills

I decided I was going to get back into doing Sunday Stills again because I love the challenge and it forces me to get out and take pictures. However this week the challenge was pictures of the blogger, so my husband took these for me. :) I decided to get new ones because I've already posted all of the others I've taken on the blog. Enjoy!

The color was really bad on this one so I decided to do it in black and white. :)

My hair may not have been cooperating, but the wind was hehe.

Chrome was being a pest, but he didn't bite down lol. He was just curious about my jacket.

Yay, ears forward! Good boy Chrome!

Aww Chrome is hugging me back. :-D

Husband is getting better with the camera.

Giving Chrome kisses.

I was giving Chrome a kiss and he grabbed my hair and I smiled. I look goofy!

One more kiss.

Feeding a treat to Led Zeppelin, the donkey I rescued as an untouched three year old. No comments about my tacky muck boots lol.

He's getting much better about me touching his face . . .

. . . but he still doesn't really like it. :D

To see more Sunday Stills go here. It's fun seeing everyone's pictures because in general we photographers don't like having our pictures taken lol. That's why we're the ones always taking them. :D


  1. Love the one of you and Chrome (with ears forward)!

  2. really like the black and white shots of you! very pretty

  3. I like your smiling shots best and I love Led Zeppelin :-D.

  4. I think you look cute. I love those boots! (I couldn't resist.)

  5. Great pics and especially like the ones of you with Chrome. I'm exactly the same and prefer to be behind the camera, lol! :D

  6. Those are gorgeous shots of you - don't know why you're not in front of the camera more -you're so photogenic! :-)



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