Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Peeing Money

I had a "DUH" moment this morning. I was standing in the feed shed looking at my empty bag of Enrich 32 thinking, 'Why am I going through this so quickly?'. So I decided to weigh how much I was feeding Chrome a day again to see if I had miscalculated something. Um . . . yeah that's an understatement!!

The directions on the bag for a horse Chrome's age says they should get 2-2.5lbs of Enrich 32 a day . . . well I marked two pounds on my scoop with a sharpie so I would know how much to feed him, but I forgot that I feed him TWICE daily so I was supposed to mark one pound. So I've been giving Chrome double what he's supposed to get. It won't hurt him, but he was literally peeing money (excess protein is converted to urea and excreted in the urine). Ugh! So I have him back on the appropriate amount. I'm just glad I finally grew a brain and figured it out because I do not need to be throwing money away right now. I did tell Chrome that if he wanted to start peeing money in dollar form I wouldn't complain. :D


  1. It would be nice for him to pee in dollars :)

  2. Lol we've all been there! Star used to go through bags of apple honeychop which cost me an absolute fortune as she loved the stuff. One day I looked at the label and discovered I was effectively feeding her molassed straw with apple flavouring at huge cost. She was most disappointed when that was cut out of her diet! :D

  3. Oh, that's so funny. I could see how it would be easy to do, though. I'm glad you discovered it.


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