Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Great Morning . . . Heck I'll Say Great Day!

The reason I had a great morning is because I went out onto the lease land to let Aslan run around and we had fun! Chrome got in on the action too. The neighbor's guineas were out so he was feeling spunky. He had his nose in the air and his tail flagged and flipped over like an Arab. Unfortunately something was funky about the lighting and the pictures didn't turn out as great as I would have liked. Some turned out great and some just suck, but I couldn't delete them because frankly the subject matter rocks!! ;D

The reason I decided to say it was a great day is because basically nothing bad happened today!!! It happens so rarely that I thought it worth mentioning. :) I've written another 5182 words today in my NaNo novel. I'll probably write more tonight, but I didn't want to post this really late so you'll just have to check out my NaNo profile or check out my widget in the sidebar to keep track of my word count.

Anyway here are the pictures from this morning. Enjoy!

This picture really freaks me out! Where are his eyes??

I love how when he trots or canters straight to me he stops at perfect
arm's length and puts his muzzle in my hand. Cute!

His little Arabian trot. :) Those guineas had him acting out.

He found a piece of his destroyed tarp to play with.

Love his little lip when he's playing with his tarp.

Why on earth does he chew on rocks? He has free choice loose minerals . . .

Look at his crappy mane!! Why oh why must he tear it out?
On a happier note check out the gray/white coming in. :)
On the other end . . . I mean hand, his tail looks great. It's so thick and wavy.
Again check out the gray coming in.
I'm so happy they have so much land to play around on now. :)

I was "pawing" at the water with my foot. He's still not sure about the pond.

I LOVE this picture!!

Chrome loves my husband's beard for some reason.

Aslan was having a blast. This is one of the best trotting pictures I've ever gotten of him.

My husband giving Chrome a talking to for nipping.
He didn't hurt him. He's just talking to him.

Making friends again.

I like this picture but wish my neighbor's house hadn't been in the background.

Chasing Aslan. I actually like how this one turned out even though the lighting is weird.
Check out the stark white in his tail.

Another cool chasing picture.

I wish the lighting had been better in this one but I had it zoomed all the way in.
He was watching the guineas here. I'm just amazed by the gray in his tail.
I guess I just wasn't expecting him to go gray so fast.

One of my favorites of Aslan. Too cute!

This one kind of helps show how tall Aslan is.
My husband is 5'9" and Chrome is 14.3hh.
Chrome wasn't being ugly in this picture.
He was trying to steal the bottle out of my husband's hand. :)

I LOVE this picture! He was chasing Zeppelin (naughty colt) and looks like a stallion herding his mares. :) I can't wait to get him gelded but it is kind of cool observing the stallion like behaviors. Someone told me that when I get him gelded he won't be so bad about chasing dogs and the donkey.

I love this one too. It's one of my favorites. He was chasing the dog, but it looks like he's doing a canter pirouette! Look at the reach of his rear legs and how round his back is. :) Maybe he will be a good dressage horse.

Zeppelin just wants everyone to leave him alone.


  1. He's really showing the gray now. He's getting more and more handsome all the time. And he's looking so grown up!

  2. Lots of great pictures! And he is really graying up fast!

  3. That looks like a fantastic day. Lots of zoomies and good times for everybody. And Zeppelin got to do what he likes too... yell at everybody.


  4. Great pictures, I just love it when they put their tails up and show off, Star was doing the exact same thing this morning.

    I love the way Chrome's so outgoing, he is so investigative about stuff, you're obviously doing a great job with him and I'm sure he'll be a fun riding horse :)

  5. awesome pictures! Love that one of Aslan too,lol!

  6. Great pictures. I'll bet Chrome and Bombay would have a blast together. They are both such characters.


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