Friday, November 12, 2010

Chrome's First Bath

Chrome got his first real bath on Wednesday. With shampoo and everything! I wanted to get it done before the weather got too cold because I'm hoping cleaning his mane really well might help with him tearing it out. Isn't he cute in the above picture?? Please excuse my appearance in the following pictures. I'm wearing my icky, slouchy barn clothes and they are very unattractive. :)

First we have to brush off all the dirt.
Look at his cute expression!

I love grooming horses. It's so relaxing.

See who is peeking from behind the tree?

The ever curious donkey has to check out what is going on.

I love those donkey ears!!

And of course he has to pick on Chrome.

And steal things out of my groom box. Silly donkey.

I love being able to put things on his haunches like my bottle of detangler.
Love my colt!

Now time to soak the pony down.

He did so well with the water spraying near his head.
I wasn't expecting him to tolerate it so well. :)

When the water came out, Zep said keep away!

The water was cold! Could his head go any higher?!

I don't think he's too happy about being wet lol.

Now time for the shampoo. Once again using him as my table.
So much easier than bending over or holding it myself lol.

Chrome checking out what I'm doing. He's such a sweetheart.

Zep is still not impressed.

Time to make a hasty exit. He thinks we're getting ideas.

Chrome is checking out the bucket of soapy water.

"Can I drink it?"

He's so curious. Love my colt's personality.

He didn't mind me pouring the water on his back.
Piece of cake after the hose lol.

I have no idea why he lifted his leg like that. He wasn't threatening.
Could have been because the water was running down his leg. Maybe it tickled.

Gotta clean out the nostrils. He liked playing with the sponge.

Checking out the shampoo bottle.

Jackal was curious too.

Time to wash that itchy mane. Maybe he'll stop tearing it out now.

I think his mane massage felt good. :)

And below is a sneak peek of my gorgeous boy after his bath.

Tomorrow I'll have a ton of pictures of the 'after bath'. ;) He had a ball blow drying (galloping in the wind) himself. Don't forget to check back.


  1. I think he liked it. You know, my master only ever rode a horse once. It really scared him, but he loved the grooming and stuff that he had to do before he tacked up. He agrees that grooming a horse is a very good activity.

    Zep is adorable.


  2. Lol I love the captions and the picture where Zeppelin is peeking out from behind the tree. Chrome looks gorgeous after his bath!

  3. He did amazingly well. My horses ran back and forth the first time I gave them baths, and they still do. You looked like you took your time and were patient. I'm always trying to get twenty things done at one, which probably causes my horses to be hyper.

  4. I sure hope it was a warm day where you are! It has started to get so cold here. Chrome and Zep are adorable!

  5. Zep cracks me up. He is just like my goats! Stealing things that don't belong to him!
    Chrome looks so well behaved for his bath. Hopefully my filly will be good at baths, someday. Will have to wait for summer to try that one.

  6. Great pictures, he looks very relaxed, good job :)

  7. Love the photos!

    Looks like Zep is getting pretty curious about things!

  8. I can't believe how well he behaved. It looked like he was enjoying it.


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