Monday, November 15, 2010

National Novel Writing Month Update

I did it! I wrote 50,000 words in fourteen days again (I finished yesterday)! I did it last year because I waited until late to start it and barely squeaked by. This year I started on time and still wrote it in two weeks. :) I'm going to spend the rest of the month editing it and outlining book two. I had so much fun again this year that I already can't wait to do it again next year. Doing NaNo always revives my love for writing and helps me defeat procrastination lol. Now if only I can carry that into other aspects of my life. So since I'm done with NaNo I'm going to spend the next three days working with the dogs on their tricks because I post the update on the eighteenth! Eeek!

Oh by the way I only used three tricks in my NaNo to make the word count. I didn't use contractions, I had my characters play the 'would you rather do blank or blank' game and I had them take ridiculously long to order food at restaurants (they had to read the whole menu). Other than that everything is actual description, conflict and part of the plot or subplots. :) If you need tips for making the word count I highly suggest this thread on the forums.

For anyone who is interested here is my daily word count.

Day One 10,114 - 10,114 words
Day Two 15845 - 5731 words
Day Three 17833 - 1988 words
Day Four 23050 - 5217 words
Day Five 25119 - 2069 words
Day Six 30258 - 5139 words
Day Seven 31596 - 1338 words
Day Eight 31596 - 0 words
Day Nine 34392 - 2796 words
Day Ten 34392 - 0 words
Day Eleven 36095 - 1703 words
Day Twelve 40064 - 3969 words
Day Thirteen 45366 - 5302 words
Day Fourteen 50035 - 4669 words

Good luck fellow NaNoers!


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