Friday, November 26, 2010

Chrome Video

I was determined to take pictures or video yesterday even though the weather was awful since it was Thanksgiving and it's just been so long since I took the camera out. So I got some video footage of us running back to the barn together (sorry if it gives you motion sickness). Ever since we started leasing the land behind our property I have been going out to Chrome, saying hi, then we would run up to the barn together (well he trots lol). Normally I run beside him (even putting my arm on his back), but since I was getting video I ran behind him. He was confused lol.

Anyway on the video when we get back to my property where the land starts to slope uphill you can see what I was seeing in his rear legs. It's normally not so exaggerated (although it is worse on a slope) and normally just looks like a shortness in his stride. In this video it almost looks like limping. Anyway please watch the video and let me know what you think. If you can tell me which leg you think it is I'd appreciate it, because I have my guess and want to know if you see the same thing.

Also please excuse my heavy breathing. I'm out of shape because I haven't been running or biking lately and my head is clogged up from allergies so I can't breathe through my nose when running. I sound like I'm dying lol. Better yet, just leave the sound off haha. :D

It is definitely more pronounced than it was when I posted this video back in October. It is muddy now though and there were a bunch of tracks so he could have slipped or something. Below is the video from October on flat ground.

As soon as I get some money deposited I'm going to call my trimmer and have him come look at him. He really needs a trim again. I'm still thinking this could all be related to the club foot. I can't find any resources on the internet at all about having a club foot in a rear hoof. That's something I can talk to the trimmer about, or the vet if he has no suggestions. Anyway thanks for listening to my silly, worried rambling.


  1. Wow! He sure has a big bottom. He is walking kind of funny. Sort of like Mango. Not really gross, but enough to look odd. Near as I can tell with Mango it is his lower back that is bothering him. I hope you can get to the root cause. Taking movies is really helpful for vets.

    Mango Momma

  2. Yeah, something does look funny to me as well, but I am not sure what it is either? It would be nice to see a video again like the one you had from earlier. The video coming to the barn is a bit hard to look at with all the moving around and differnt angles. Wow, Enzo and Chrome are really alike in their attitudes and behaviors. Enzo makes pissy ears as well, LOL. I think he was making pissy ears more at your chickens and herding them? But I could be wrong for sure! I love all the chickens running around! I think Enzo would make a game of how to stomp on them and fling them around though??

  3. I don't know if I said, but I took this video yesterday. I checked him today as he walked to the barn and he's walking equally on both rear legs again with exactly an inch overstep (thank you mud!). Maybe he just slipped and was sore or maybe it really is growing pains. Regardless when I get the chance I am going to get video of him walking on the asphalt again. On the flat and on the hill, just for reference material for when I see the trimmer (and/or the vet).

  4. Looks like RH to me, but it's hard to see because of the angle of the videos. He's not reaching under himself much with either hind leg, but appears to be short-striding more with the RH.

    Try out these lameness assessment tests (at the end of this post)- they're all done at the walk, and you need an assistant to lead the horse:

    I'd suspect something in his back/pelvis/sacral area because of the way he moves - it's probably not anything serious and could be remedied by chiro treatment.

  5. When you were running behind him I was thinking that he uses his hind end well. Side view reminded me of Gabbrielle at his age. She went through a lot of awkward growing stages. His front end seems more fluid while his back end seems stiff. I don't think it's anything to worry too much about. I've had horses hopping on three legs. They'll let you know when they are really in a lot of pain.

    If he's getting pissy from hormones or maybe whatever is causing his stiffness, be careful about running beside him. When my gelding started getting older, he'd challenge me by kicking out the side while we ran together. He never tried to connect with his hooves, but horses can suddenly get silly and do dangerous, unpredictable things in adolescence.

    I'm not just being a worry wart, but had a little premonition. I saw him smack you in the thigh and even saw your deep bruise. One day blogger friend Stephanie showed a picture of a jump that was giving her horse some troubles, and I saw a vision of her falling at that jump. A short time later she posted that she fell off at the jump and severely injured her knee. I kicked myself for not saying anything to her. She told me that even if I had told her about my vision, she still would have tackled that jump.

  6. I didn't read about his lameness until this morning. (no home computer) I'm glad he is fine.

    The funny thing was, while watching the video, I started feeling motion sick--and then you apologized for it. Talk about timing!


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