Sunday, November 14, 2010

Barn Bum No More

Here are the pictures we took after Chrome's bath on Wednesday to prove that I don't always dress like a barn bum lol. These are most of the ones that turned out, but some have bad lighting. For some reason most of the pictures we took my skin came out really pale and bright like I'm a ghost or something. I don't know how to use the manual settings on my camera, so if anyone has any suggestions for settings to use in low light I would appreciate it.

This is one where my skin came out pale and too bright.
Any suggestions on how to fix that?

This one turned out good, so you can see I'm not a ghost lol. I do have skin color hehe.

Darn Chrome had to close his eyes! Grr!

Another too bright one. I couldn't even fix them in a photo editor.

Again too bright but look at Chrome's adorable face. Love his expression!

He was getting bored. And no I was not aware I had a branch hanging from my rope. Sigh.

Quit hogging the picture Chrome!

This one would be perfect minus the branch and with his other ear forward.

This one he was checking out my jacket,
but my stupid expression ruins the picture.
His neck is gorgeous!!

Fixing his little Christmas-y catch rope halter.
Doesn't he look so Friesian in this one?

Ears again. He was definitely getting bored.

One ear again and the creepy glowing skin.

In all of these my skin is glowing again, but they were too cute to not include.
He liked the tassel on the end of the rope.

Whoa there, you can't climb up on me to get the tassel.

Look at those lips! And how high he's reaching!
Remember I'm 5'10" and his nose is another foot above my head.

Fixing the halter again and he looks very Friesian-y again. :)

Wish my skin hadn't glowed in this one.

Doesn't he look awesome? He's so butt high again.
I think he's going through another growth spurt.

Yay finally pretty ears! Gotta teach him the ears cue. :)
It would make taking pictures sooo much easier.

He was obsessed with the tassel.

Well, there they are. Hope you enjoyed them because it could be a while before I get back in front of the camera. I way prefer to be the one taking the pictures. :)


  1. I like the next to last photo the best, I think, but they're all good. Great photo session. I really like the red leaf background.

  2. Looks like a fun photo shoot. I'm guessing the camera is trying to bring out some contrast since you've got a black horse and a black shirt against a dark background, and the result is that the lightest thing in the picture gets whiter, meaning your skin. Everything has to get lighter to find the edges and details in the dark spots. Most photo processing software programs have some kind of adjustments that might help tone down the skin glow. Or when you do the shoot, if it's a DSLR camera, you can bring down the exposure a notch or change the color space, or shoot against a lighter background. It's very difficult to take pictures of black animals. Despite that, I think your photographer did get a very nice group of photos for you.

  3. So pretty! Just looks like a few there are a little overexposed. You should be able to adjust the exposure in most photo editing software. :) They are still very nice!

  4. Ohhhhh you guys look really cute!! I love the last one. What is that cool y-rope halter thing??? That is really cool looking for pictures! Thanks for sharing the fun!!


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